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Taking care of your jewellery

We are proud stocklists of 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery, but just like any other metal alloys, with time jewellery develops a black coating on the surface, when exposed to various substances or air, called Tarnishing. Unlike rust, tarnishing does not destroy the underling metal and therefore, can be removed relatively easily. Unfortunately, the natural process can't be prevented all together, but with proper 'TLC' your jewellery can reward you with a radiant life long look. Store your jewellery pieces individually, in a cool, dry place, where they are not exposed to light, or air during storage. It is  highly recommended to store jewellery in a lined jewellery box or wrapped in a soft fabric pouch, to avoid scratching. Remove jewellery items when working with household chemicals, in chlorinated water or washing your hands. Complete your outfits with accessories, only once you have finished applying makeup, hairspray or perfume. Avoid wearing your necklaces with wool clothing, as they can easily hook and SNAP! And we do not want that to happen. Only rub jewellery with a Polishing Cloth. Do not use tissue paper or paper towels as they can scratch your jewellery items. For stubborn tarnish, use a jewellery cleaner designed for Sterling Silver. Try to clean your Sterling Silver jewellery as often as possible. Alternatively, you can have your jewellery polished by a reputable and trusted jeweler near you, which will ensure a more professional clean.

Rose Gold Plated Jewellery

Rose Gold Jewellery has not only become so popular due to its colour but also because, it mixes and matches so beautifully with other colour metals, fits perfectly with clothing items and complements all skin tones.  As it has become a "Must Have" to any accessory lover, plated Rose Gold has given everyone the opportunity to be able to afford this latest trend.  It's also a wonderful gift that does not break the bank.

Our beautiful Sterling Silver jewellery is Rose Gold plated meaning that a layer of Rose Gold is coated on the surface of our silver metal items. As the jewellery items are not 100% solid gold, extra care is recommended to maximize the items life span. Any item plated can tarnish with time and excessive handling. To slow down the tarnishing process or having the item fade in colour; here are a few steps to prolong the gorgeous lustrous look of your plated items:​

  • Do not apply makeup, hairspray or perfume while wearing your plated jewellery

  • Only wear your plated jewellery once your body lotions or hand creams are dry or completely absorbed by your skin

  • Remove plated items before exercising or performing any heavy work that can lead to sweating, as sweat can remove plating or cause tarnishing

  • Remove plated items before washing hands, bathing or swimming

  • Remove plated items before working with household chemical, oil, nail polish, nail polish remover, sanitiser or chlorine as they may cause tarnishing

  • Do not use a Polishing Cloth on any plated jewellery. The cloth will strip away the plating

  • Do not use jewellery cleaners  or any antibacterial soaps, can accelerate the tarnishing process

  • Do not store different colour plated items together. Storing rose gold plated items with yellow gold plated items will accelerate the tarnishing process

  • Recommend storing plated items in a soft cloth and seperate from other jewellery items to avoid scratching

  • Store in a cool dry area

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